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BIRTHDAY MESSAGES FOR AUNTS (sister of mother), images gif

happy birthday my auntie
happy birthday my auntie

1) Aunt is the half of mother. I see it when I look at you. You are kind and compassionate. Thank you for all you have done for me. Happy birthday to you my dear!

2) Thank you for being my inspiration. I’m who I am today thanks to your advice. You are my hero. Happy birthday to my auntie!

3) My dear auntie, I hope your birthday becomes an amazing day. Because you deserve it. You are my one and only supporter every time. Happy birthday to you!

4) I cherish all of our memories. We had so nice memories together. I’m so happy when I’m with you. I wish you a happy birthday.

5) You are my second mom. You are helping and supporting me about everything. I’m so happy to have you. Happy birthday to you!

6) You are definitely the best aunt in the world. Thank you for your patience and love. I hope you have a long life full of love. Never forget that your niece loves you a lot. Happy birthday to you!

7) I love you a lot. I’m happy to have you as my aunt. Thank you for all you have done for me. Happy birthday to you, my dear auntie!

8) Today is a really special day. Because today is the birthday of my dear aunt! You are a gift for me. Happy birthday to you!

9) My second mom, I wish you a happy birthday to you. Keep holding my hands forever. Happy birthday to you my dear!

10) I hope we will collect more memories together. Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday my Auntie!
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